Monday, June 8, 2015

Art quilt blocks for community quilt

Every year I participate in the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival community quilt. Women from all over the world participate to create a themed quilt that is then raffled off at the final concert. It is always beautiful, inspiring and lots of fun. Women and girls spend the week of the festival embellishing the donated quilt blocks before it is bound and presented for the raffle drawing.

This year's theme was "What do you love about Michfest". Where do I start or end? I love the woods, I love the singing, I love the music, I love the ferns, I love the spirit and the women and the community. I love the drumming and the silence. It is a time of peace and healing and community.

I ended up making four 6" squares, Just because I couldn't stop at one. And they are also fabric journal pages...or prayer flags...or just art.

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