Friday, February 3, 2017

Prayer flags, journal pages, art quilt blocks...sometimes it's all the same.

I love painting with fabric. It just is so much fun to pull out all the scraps, tear strips, match or mismatch colors. Prayer flags, journal pages, art quilt blocks...sometimes it's all the same...a small canvas to send a phrase or a thought or an image out into the world. And we need messages of love, care, thoughtfulness, and lots of strength.

It's been how long?

A year and a half since my last post. So much busy stuff has happened, and I just keep rolling along. So let's see some stuff. Some of it is art journaling, but most of it is fabric art. I may have to change the name of this blog. I find that putting things in journals just means I can't see them on a regular basis, but then I tend to give or swap most of my items anyway. So.....

Last year I made myself a lap quilt. I now work at home and the corner I work in gets chilly in the winter. I can't see turning up the heat to make me comfy in one corner, so a lap quilt would be perfect. The one I was using was too short.

 I have to say, this turned out even better than I had envisioned. I love that.

We had a new arrival in the family and I made this for my grand nephew. I almost kept it. He loves it and even though it is rather bright, I don't think it keeps him up at night.

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