Monday, October 13, 2014

Visually recreate fall in your journal

All roads bring blessingsFall is so visually delicious because of the contrast of wide open intensely blue sky and the layers of colored leaves littering the ground. The intricate twining of branches against the open sky, and the smooth reflections in a pond. All are contrasts of wide areas and intricate detailed spaces.

Think of your journal page this way. Balance open areas and detailed areas. Try repeating shapes surrounding areas of color.

Is your life also a contrast of smooth times and tightly orchestrated moments? Calm and chaos? Peaceful afternoons and rushed mornings? How would you represent these times on your pages?

Take a deep breath of cool, clean fall air. Spend some time looking, really looking at the rich tapestry of fall. Contrast the big panorama to the small window of a forest path. Breath the air.

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