Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week Three - Have a song in your heart?

Or your head. I always have fragments of songs running through my mind. The direct result of choir, women's singing circle, radio, TV and even that constant music overhead when shopping.

Those fragments of songs make excellent starts for a journal page. Hand letter the words, decorate around them with drawings or collage, add some color over the top. Or write out all the lyrics (if you know them, if not, try Google) across the page and paint or collage over them, leaving your favorite bit free.

Tips for lettering:

  1. Cut out words and letters from magazines to spell out your message.
  2. Write lightly and big in pencil. Draw an outline around the letters with pen and color in.
  3. Start with a highlighter. Write or draw your letters, outline and add embellishments.
  4. Write big with a pen then go back and make some strokes darker and thicker.
  5. Print out your words and tear or cut them out to paste down. Break them up in to individual words and place down one side of your page or flow across the page.
So as you listen to that song in your heart, pick up a pen and put it to the paper. Visit the gallery for some examples of lettering. Or visit these links for more ideas.

Jennibellie: turorials on making books, lettering and recycling into crafts:

Easy lettering techniques:

More lettering techniques:


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